Thursday, 25 October 2007

What is a photoblog?

A photoblog (a.k.a. photolog or phlog) is a form of photo sharing and publishing in the format of a blog, but differentiated by the predominant use of and focus on photographs rather than text. Photoblogging (the action of posting photos to a photoblog) gained momentum in the early 2000s with the advent of the moblog and cameraphones.


There are 3 basic types of photoblogs. Photoblogs on individual domains, photoblogs on blogging services such as Blogger that were designed primarily for text content, and photoblogs on photo specific blogging services such as Fotolog or Flickr.

The dynamic nature of blogs and photoblogs compared to static sites means that blogs require some form of content management system (CMS) rather than being built by hand. These content management systems usually provide the photoblog's authors with a web service that allows the creation and management of posts and the uploading of images. The CMS delivers webpages based on the data entered by the photoblog author. Access to photoblogs is usually unrestricted and available to anyone with internet access and a browser.

Some existing blogging CMS have been modified by the use of add-ons/plugins (and sometimes core code rewriting) to enable the transistion from text blogging to photoblogging. As an example, a photoblog author might limit his blog to display a single entry per day (as opposed to several entries which is typical for text blogs) and he might put thumbnails in entry excepts to provide archives that display images instead of text snippets. Over time, developers have begun to write purpose-built CMS just for creating photoblogs. Additionally many services specializing in hosting and displaying images such as flickr and fotolog have APIs that allow other blogging systems to display their images giving the user many options as to the construction of a particular site.

The early days of photoblogging required some level of technical experience with setting up a webserver and installing or writing the CMS code for it (e.g. Pixelpost). Many photobloggers still prefer this option of running their own server, as this gives them full control over the display and functionality of their photoblog. However, there are now a range of photoblog hosting services available which provide ready made photoblogs in which everything has already been setup. This has made photoblogging more accessible to the layman.

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You want a photoblog? Start by registering at blogger. Then, there is a number of different ways you can add images or even slideshows.

Add an image at Blogger

First you create a new post and then you use the add image button to add an image from your PC or from the web.


Picasa is a great program which lets you organize and edit your pics on your PC and even publish them on the web, your web site or your blog! You have a 1 Gb space allowance for your pictures.

You can click on an image on your picasa album and then click on Link to this Photo. It will display a link to paste on your blog (HTML to embed in website).

From the album index you can select Embed Slideshow and this will create the code for a slide show of all the album's images which you can paste to your blog.

I was just walking down Panepistimiou street (central Athens) at about 00.10 Thursday, 25 October and I witnessed a kiosk on fire. The copper was not very keen on me approaching further, as the firemen were on their way. Pity I only had my mobile phone with me.